Laura C Brown


Hi, my name is Laura C Brown and I am a singer-songwriter based in Tamworth.  I have been singing in a professional and amateur capacity for over 20 years, including with Tamworth Musical Theatre Company.

My musical style isn't particularly tied to any one genre, but some say it has hints of folk & Americana. I am housebound due to a neurological disease, so I currently work from home, and mostly share my work via online platforms.

I released an original song called 'Hummingbird' in August which receives regular airplay, and have a follow up single release due in the new year.

I write and co-produce original songs, for myself and for others. I have written songs for weddings and mental health awareness, and I am currently working on a charity single to raise funds for an Autism cause. I also create and edit my own music videos and promotional content.  I use ProTools and Audacity for music and sound production, and MovieMaker and Davinci Resolve for video editing.




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