The Assembly Rooms in the 1950s

Stanley MatthewsIn the 50s, Tamworth Assembly Rooms were host to a wide variety of events. These included dinners, dances, competitions, productions and fairs. Some stand-out highlights of the times were BBC Midlands Radio broadcast (1949), Tamworth’s first public square dance (1952), celebrating the Queen’s Coronation Party (1953), Stanley Matthews’ football signing (1953), the General elections (1950 & 1951) and Tamworth Music Festival’s final concert night relayed live to six Birmingham hospitals (1956).

Festivals that used the venue across this period were Tamworth’s Annual Music Festival, The Festival of Britain and Tamworth Arts Club’s Drama Festival.

The Assembly Rooms saw major changes to its planning and design in the early 50s. For example, 1953 marked the opening of a new lounge bar beneath the stage by Mayor Morris, which cost a huge £1200.

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