Get creative at home designing the new Trotters Trail


Schools and local community groups that originally designed the art work for the popular wooden and metal pigs dotted around the town, have been invited to get creative at home and help re-design the popular pigs for the return of the Tamworth Trotters Trail.

People may have noticed Tamworth’s popular herd of pigs disappearing from their homes around the town at the end of last year, but don’t worry they are still coming back!

The 15 3ft by 3ft wood and metal sculptures were decorated by schools, community groups and businesses and trotted out in prime locations across Tamworth in 2015 as part of a major community art project.

However, four years on, it was time for the pigs to have a bit of TLC, so they were all collected and taken for a make-over.

The pigs face-lift have included the replacement of wooden parts with galvanised steel and refurbished, but due to the closures of schools and clubs, and restrictions on staying at home, the pigs can’t yet be offered back to the groups who painted them in the first place to be given a fresh new look.

Don’t worry though, Tamworth Borough Council’s Arts and Events team have come up with a plan to still get the pigs re-designed and ready to be returned to their homes around the town.

Each school or community group that was involved with the original creation of the pigs has been contacted and sent a template to complete their new design at home. The idea is that members of each group draw a design on paper, take a picture of it and upload it via social media. This could be for the whole pig or a bit of a design.

These images will then be given to sculptor, Luke Perry, creator of our amazing Athelflaed statue situated at the train station island, who will bring together the creative designs to create the final completed refurbished Tamworth pigs, ready for the return of the Trotters Trail.

Cllr John Chesworth, Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet member for Culture and Operational Services, said: “The Trotters Trail has been a real success and people have grown exceptionally fond of seeing the pigs around the town. When the pigs were first installed, we thought they’d last for a year or so. However, they were so popular with people that we decided to keep them in place while they were still looking good.

“Four years later though and they do need a little TLC, it is exciting that they are being given a new lease of life and will continue to be enjoyed by the town’s residents and visitors.

“I look forward to seeing what creative designs will be crafted at home. This is an excellent way for the pupils and individuals to still be involved and keep busy while self-isolating.”

Inspired by the famous Tamworth Sandybacks, the pigs were originally created as part of the hugely successful I Am Tamworth project which was funded by Arts Council England and developed by the council’s Arts & Events team to inspire people of all ages to embrace the arts and get creative.