House specs

Loading bay from rear car park.  Dock doors at 0.64m above floor level.  2m aluminium ramp provided.  Level access from loading bay doors directly to stage.
Loading bay outer doors - 2.15m (w) x 1.93m (h), maximum diagonal 2.85m.
Loading bay inner doors to stage - 1.61m (w) x 2.42m (h), maximum diagonal 2.9m
To navigate to load-in with sat nav, set destination as;
St Editha’s Parish Church, St Editha’s Close, Tamworth, B79 7DA.  Our car park entrance is to the left (west) of the war memorial at the north end of St Editha’s Close.
Type of stage - Proscenium arch with black box stagehouse.  Italian masking.  German masking option available if required.
Rake - 1 in 36 (1.59°) in stagehouse.  Apron in front of prosc has no rake.
Surface - Harlequin Standfast on 6mm ply.
Drilling/Fixing - No drilling into the stage floor is permitted.
Nominal playing area dimensions - 6.5m (w) x 7.5m (d)
Proscenium arch width - 6.36m (skirting to skirting), 6.56m (wall to wall)
Apron size - 9.6m (w) x 1.38m (d)
Stagehouse size - 9.0m (w) x 5.9m (d)
Depth from apron front to rear tabs - 7.5m
Height auditorium floor to stage level - 1.05m.  Treads to stage, apron left and right.
Height to mother grid - 6.2m
Standard height to stage LX bars - Approx. 4.5 to 5m
Standard working clearance below lanterns - 4m
Maximum clearance height below LX bars - 5.14m (at LX4 upstage)
Maximum clearance beneath fly bars - 5.4m
Wing space stage left - 22m2, 3.5m x 6.2m.
Wing space stage right –  14m2, 2.3m x 5.9m
Safety curtain - No
Trap - No
Our wings are outside the stagehouse side walls and are accessed through several structural openings, dimensions as follows;
Down stage left (to SM’s station) - 0.83m (w) x 2.07m (h), maximum diagonal 2.16m
Mid stage left - 0.94m (w) x 2.13m (h), maximum diagonal 2.2m
Up stage left - 0.88m x 2.02m, maximum diagonal 2.1m
Upstage doors to loading bay - 1.6m (w) x 2.42m (h), maximum diagonal 2.85m
Down stage right - 1.0m (w) x 2.17m (w), maximum diagonal 2.3m
Up stage right - 1.74m x 2.39m, diagonal 2.9m
Up stage right wing space to corridor - 1.6m (w) x 2.29m (h), maximum diagonal 2.78m
Doors to New Green Room - 1.62m (w) x 2.29m (h), maximum diagonal 2.83m
Standard operating positions are;
LX -  Tech Box (Seats 2 persons maximum).  Maximum console footprint of 1.9m x 0.6m.
Sound - Mix Position @ rear of retractable seating bank, 2.7m x 1.87m.  Maximum console footprint of 2.7m x 0.76m.
If you require further operating positions or do not think your equipment will fit in the Tech Box/Mix Position please contact us at the earliest opportunity to discuss alternatives. 
2 x Unibar powered line-sets - Upstage and midstage (midstage set carries mid-stage tabs)
SWL - 250Kg UDL
Barrel diameter - 48mm
Barrel length - 8m ladder barrel
6 x manual hemp lines - Single lines, no counterweights.
Barrel diameter - 48mm
Barrel length - 8m
Maximum recommended cloth size 8m x 4.5m
Swipe track - 2 available. Length 8 metres.
Stage management position - Down stage left, rear of prosc arch wall. 
Monitor screen - Front stage view, camera on tech box.
Talkback - Metro Audio, 2 channel, 4 headset comms system.
First aid boxes available from box office, bar and office.
Show relay Show relay is available in all dressing rooms. SM cue mic to relay system is available at DSL.
15 x 12.5Kg stage weights
All paint/finishes on set/scenery must be water-based, not oil-based.
Pyrotechnics are forbidden by order of the Fire Officer.
Confetti and streamer cannons are forbidden due to fire risk presented by debris gathering in heating trenches.
All cloths brought into the venue must be inherently flame retardant or treated to make them flame retardant. 
Main house tabs - Durable blue velour on Triple E variable speed powered track.  Control available at DSL and Tech Box.
Mid-stage tabs - Black wool serge, manual pulley operated.
Stagehouse perimeter masking - Black wool serge in 7 sections to mask full stagehouse perimeter.
Top borders -  3 sets, 2 of black wool serge, 1 of blue velour, 8m width, on hemp lines.
Legs - 2 pairs, black wool serge, 1.5m x 5.5m.  These can be removed to maximise width. 
1 x 63 amp 3-phase Ceeform, DSL.
1 x 63 amp single phase Ceeform, DSL.
2 x 32 amp single phase Ceeform, DSL.
4 x 16 amp single phase Ceeform USL, USR, DSL, DSR.
8 x 13 amp socket outlets USL, USR, DSL, DSR.
4 x 20 amp powercon outlets, apron front dip trays.
Dressing rooms
Stage level;
Dressing Room 1 - 2.32m x 2.2m, 5m2.
Dressing Room 2 - 2.15m x 2.2m, 5m2.
The New Green Room - 5.58m x 6.56m, 36m2 (can be used as an overspill dressing room for larger casts).
Basement level;         
Dressing Room 3 - 4.85m x 2.17m, 11m2 (can be divided into 2 with screen.
The Old Green Room - 8.97m x 4.27/3.29m, 35m2
Level access to backstage is available from rear car park via ramp to stage level.
Access between stage level and basement level is via stairs or lift.
A chairlift to FoH is available.
Accessible shower room and toilets available at stage level.
Kitchenette available at basement level.
Orchestra pit - New Green Room or Old Green Room can be used as an offstage band pit.
Lit music stands - No
Chairs - 30, no arms.
6 of X-Stage S10 2m x 1m risers.
Legs available at 300mm or 600mm.
Guard rails to rear available.
1 set of steps to 600mm height
Tamworth Assembly Rooms cannot guarantee that all of the facilities or equipment detailed above will be available for the use of visiting companies.  
If your event is to be filmed, all camera positions must be agreed in advance and the appropriate seats reserved.  If your show is sold out and you have not reserved camera positions you will not be able to film.  Gangways must not be blocked by camera equipment under any circumstances.  Audio feeds for camera recording must be agreed in advance. 
The safety of everyone in our theatre is of paramount importance.  To that end, Tamworth Assembly Rooms reserves the right to ensure technical staffing levels are at a safe and appropriate level, and to determine what these levels will be.  This may result in an increase to requested technical staffing levels to ensure safe working practices for specific tasks or periods of work, and may also include the addition of supervisory or duty technician roles to ensure the safe running of the theatre.  Any such supervisory or duty role will not have show-critical cues.