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i am words logoStaffordshire’s first ever poet laureate Mal Dewhirst worked with a group of 33 children as part of I Am Words, in a workshop which saw them exploring the theme of viewing Tamworth from the air and imagining what they would see if they were a kite soaring high above the town.

The youngsters were asked to use all their senses to develop word lists to describe the view from the kite which they could use as the basis of poems. Their work was then written on kite templates to be decorated and displayed.

I Am Words is an ongoing project which is helping people across the town to develop their writing skills with the aim of bringing a selection of their work together in a new book telling the stories of Tamworth. Mal has been hosting a number of free workshops at community venues across the area.


Birds Bush Primary School teacher Lisa Guilder said: “The sessions were really inspiring and very interactive. Children had the opportunity to be a kite and create a human kite in the playground which was very multi-sensory. They then created word maps which helped to extend their vocabulary. We would definitely welcome something like this again.”


View the I Am Words Book here.