Keeping Tamworth entertained at home

lockdown entertainment

During these times of self-isolation and closure of public buildings and places of entertainment, Tamworth Borough Council’s Arts and Events and Assembly Rooms teams are looking at ways to help people entertain their families at home.

As the Tamworth Assembly Rooms had to postpone all the amazing children's theatre planned for the next few months, the team are looking for ways to help you stay busy and enjoy online shows from the comfort of your home. They will be sharing links, websites, downloads, stories, tips and freebies from the Tamworth Assembly Rooms Facebook page.

The first link is one that we know families have found really useful. Every day David Walliams narrates one of his brilliant short stories and you can listen to it for free! Why not make it a regular time? Click to listen now:”

Adey Ramsel, Theatre, Artistic and Events Manager for Tamworth Assembly Rooms, is also sharing regular social media messages about the rescheduling of shows for the theatre.  

“At present the entire UK entertainment industry is trying to reschedule shows, and it is taking time but rest assured if you have bought a ticket to a show at the Assembly Rooms then your money is safe.

“Shows are being re scheduled on a date by date basis, which in itself is a slow process as the shows we have at the Assembly Rooms are always part of a huge national tour, which in some cases have over 50 dates to reschedule. Some of these shows have had to cancel, some have postponed and we will have new dates, others simply do not know yet what they are doing.

“As soon as we have a new date we will update the website and our box office will add that show to the list of customers they have to contact. Our box office staff are working all hours to deliver this to you and again rest assured you will be contacted.

“As with many industries, the entertainment business has been hit hard and some shows we will never see again as the creatives simply cannot keep going. We are doing our best to look after the shows previously booked.

“In the short term you will have seen that we are tracking down as many activities and downloads as possible to provide you with your entertainment fix and keep the kids happy. We have many, many links for you but as we’re all in this for the long haul we will release them slowly.

 “We are also working hard on a plan to re-deliver our Arts and Events outdoor theatre programme to commence as soon as the government advise us of changes in social distancing and social gatherings restrictions.

“We politely ask that people do not contact us at this time regarding tickets or refunds (please wait for us to contact you) and hope our audiences bear with us until we have more clarity from the Government and a new programme in place.”

Please follow the website for regular updates at, or social media channels on Twitter and Facebook.

The Assembly Rooms staff would like to thank everyone for their understanding, patience and support for your community theatre during this unprecedented and incredibly difficult time.

Ideas, activities and tips for kids of all ages will be shared on social media so keep an eye on the Tamworth Assembly Rooms and Tamworth Arts and Events Facebook page. Spread the word – all the activities are for everyone, help others keep busy and happy.