A room with a view


Work to restore and regenerate the internal parts of the building have taken a big step in the last couple of weeks, as the historic main auditorium windows have been opened up.

A key part of the project is to open up the existing widows and allow light to shine in for the first time in decades. 19 original windows in the main auditorium are being given expert attention to restore them to their former glory.

Originally The Assems was used as a public building hosting occasions which were complemented by natural light shining through. But in more recent years the windows had been boarded up and blacked out to enable the space to function as a performance venue.



Much of the original fabric of the windows is being kept; where possible, with the addition of secondary glazing to improve the sound and heating insulation in the main hall. This will also include specially fitted, adjustable blackout blinds that can be raised and lowered, depending on the event. This means the auditorium will be suitable for a wider variety of day-time events, such as conferences and exhibitions, as well as evening shows and productions.










A major scheme for the project is to preserve and maintain as much original and historic features as possible. But at the same time making sure the building can still function as a live arts and entertainment venue.


If you would like to continue the journey with us and see behind the doors of the Assems as things happen; visit our Flickr page for all the latest photos here