Roundabout Art

roundabout logoThe Creation of a permanent piece of visual art in the town centre.

A striking and impressive six-metre tall steel statue by artist and sculptor Luke Perry is now complete. Luke had an open brief to consult with members of the community about what they would like the statue to represent and Aethelflaed was chosen after local people said they were most proud of the town’s rich Anglo-Saxon history. The Lady of the Mercians was brought home to the roundabout on the Offa Drive/Saxon Drive roundabout, outside Tamworth Railway Station, where she will greet visitors as they step off the train and point them towards the town centre. The statue has been made possible thanks to funding from Arts Council England and the Gateways project. Take a look at her journey home on the video below.



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Not sure who Aethelflaed is? Check out the video below...