Assembly Rooms

Get behind the scenes on a ‘hard hat’ tour of Tamworth Assembly Rooms

Tamworth residents are being invited to take part in free hard hat tours of Tamworth Assembly Rooms to see first-hand what’s been happening behind the scenes at the historic theatre.
The Corporation Street entertainment venue has been at the heart of the Tamworth community since 1889 and is currently undergoing the biggest transformation in its 130-year history.

Technician Blog


In the last few weeks it feels like we’ve made good progress on the Assembly Rooms refurbishment project.  Our technical specialists, Adlib, have helped us bring our concepts for improving the technical infrastructure to a completed design and I’ve been telling everyone in the office about how great it’s all going to be.  So they’ve asked me to write a piece for the blog to tell everyone else what’s in the pipeline and why we’re so passionate about it.